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June 26 - 28


Santa Clara

Silicon Valley


Accelerating the potential of innovation in brain health as a driver improved outcomes and social and economic wellness. 

Post Summit Updates - 

Mobio selected by jury
Mobio Interactive was selected by the jury as the company most likely to have a positive impact advancing brain capital.
Brain Health

As defined by the WHO, "Brain health is the state of brain functioning across cognitive, sensory, social-emotional, behavioural and motor domains, allowing a person to realize their full potential over the life course, irrespective of the presence or absence of disorders."

Multiple factors impact the way our brains develop, adapt and respond to stress and adversity. Therefore a multi-sectorial approaches are required to optimize brain health at both the individual and societal levels, which in addition to improved health and outcomes for patients has positive  social and economic impacts that benefit and help advance society.  For these approaches to be truly successful they must address brain health across the full lifespan, in the home, our schools, the workplace, health systems, and communities.

Advances in neuroscience show that many brain disorders are increasingly preventable and treatable. We now know there is tremendous opportunity for brain plasticity and brain regeneration.. Advancing our understanding of neuroscience is key to improved patient outcomes, public health, and socio-economic growth and advancement.

The potential of cutting edge innovation in brain health is unprecedented, yet to fully realize this potential, new strategies, approaches, models, policies and public-private-partnerships are essential.

Spotlight innovations in brain health technology and policy across the full lifespan; in our homes, schools, health systems, universities, the workplace, our communities, and elder care homes and systems.

Recognize, discuss and address the challenges.

Target follow on initiatives with public and private actor consortia to design, test and implement trials to show measurable impact  within the near to mid term on health, wellness, innovation and productivity, at both the individual and the systems levels, assessed according to industry and the sector's own Key Performance Indicators and metrics.
shutterstock_128316104 Thinking Impulses


Insight - Innovation - Access - Engagement - Partnering


Brain capital is a new asset class which recognizes cognition and brain health as indispensable drivers of the brain economy.

The summit is a boutique, by-invitation convening of key stakeholders at the confluence of brain research and edtech - innovators, researchers, clinicians, educators, CEOs, investors, healthcare providers, and industry - coming together to explore both the promise  as well as the obstacles of transformative paths forward in the acceleration and amplification of brain capital innovation in service of human flourishing, in a call to action to define and implement the strategies and innovations required to maximize brain health.

Two days of sustained, interactive discussion, networking and partnering with:

Female Presenter
Josh Scholpp speaking
Investor Panel
Andy Keller Keynote

Industry Executives


Founders & CEOs

Key Opinion Leaders

From startup and growth companies developing disruptive brain capital technologies - from neuroscience and mental health to edtech.

From edtech, healthcare, neurosciences, mental health,  A.I., imaging, data, technology, and knowledge based industries where unlocking human potential is crucial to future success.

In neuroscience, mental health, edtech, A.I., deeptech and Industry 4.0.

VC and corporate venture, ESG impact investors, private equity, family offices, angels & HNW. 

Key Opinion Leaders from research, education and healthcare.  Pioneers in brain health research and care, learning, education technology and brain capital.

Country Flags

Government & NGOs

Public agencies and NGOs in education technology, brain capital, health, education, economic development, competitiveness, and public health and wellness.

Citizens & Society

Citizens, Patients, Society

Leaders and stakeholders from patient organizations, foundations, our communities, civil society and other key stakeholders in lifelong brain health and wellness.

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Leading Advisors

A selected group of leading specialized advisors and consultants with deep subject matter expertise relevant to participants and to achieving the objectives established in summit discussions. 



We are honored to introduce our advisory board: meet them in person at the summit.

Harris Eyre MD PhD

Harris Eyre MD PhD

Lead – Brain Capital Alliance, Fellow - Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Policy, Senior Fellow - Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute Harris is a physician-executive focused on building brain capital. He is lead of the Brain Capital Alliance, co-lead of the OECD Neuroscience-inspired Policy Initiative, fellow with The Baker Institute for Public Policy and senior fellow with the Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute.

Julia Scott, PhD

Julia Scott, PhD

Director, Brain and Memory Care Lab, Santa Clara University Dr. Julia A. Scott is director of the Brain and Memory Care Lab at Santa Clara University. The research program partners with external stakeholders--companies, clinicians, community organizations--to co-design healthcare innovation projects for numerous disciplines, from public health to engineering. The primary technologies engaged are in non-invasive brain sensing and stimulation in application to cognitive decline or impairment and

Steve Carnevale

Steve Carnevale

Californian Mental Health Commissioner Steve Carnevale is the Chairman of Sawgrass Technologies, Founder & Managing Director of Point Cypress Partners. He is a venture capital investor and technology executive. He is founder and co-chair of the Advisory Board of the UCSF Dyslexia Center, and a Californian Mental Health Commissioner.

Theo Edmonds

Theo Edmonds

Culture Futurist™ | Creativity Strategist | Conceptual Artist | Wellbeing Researcher | Brain Capital Builder | University of Colorado Denver

Michaela Meier, PhD

Michaela Meier, PhD

Founder, BRAINOSITY Michaela Meier has been revoluzionizing the way people and companies learn for twenty years. As a Musician, PrimaryTeacher, Learning Specialist, Neuroscientist, Founder and Entrepreneur she has designed schools, Distance Universities, Learning Center, Video Learning Technology, EdChange and Corporate Education Solutions and has founded several EdTech startups. She loves to provide everyone the opportunity to learn the way the BRAIN LOVES TO LEARN.

Christian J. Suojanen

Christian J. Suojanen

Founder & CEO - Broadreach Global, Member of the Board - European Brain Foundation



Proudly convening leading speakers and experts from across the sector
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