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Oct. 11 - 13


Champalimaud Foundation,

Lisbon, Portugal

Innovation & Partnering at the confluence of Neuroscience & Mental Health with Digital Health, Artificial Intelligence, MedTech, & DeepTech.

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Insight - Innovation - Access - Engagement - Partnering

The one summit which brings together a high level, by-invitation, boutique
gathering of key innovators and decision-makers from all key stakeholder groups in digital health, tech and A.I. for neurosciences and mental health.  Addressing not only opportunities but also the core challenges facing companies and stakeholders. Sharing models, lessons learned, mistakes, solutions, ways forward and best practices. Fostering a unique level of sustained high-quality discussion, access, engagement and partnering in a truly curated  summit unlike any other event. 


Engage the full value chain to disrupt silos and curate highly interactive, multi-disciplinary, cross-industry, and multi-stakeholder discussions of opportunities, challenges, hurdles and ways forward.


Drive transformational connections, discussion and partnering for startups and growth companies. 


Deliver insight, access, engagement and partnering to foster innovation and accelerate value creation.


Contribute to meaningful improvement in healthcare outcomes and positive impact for patients and society.  


From A.I. enabled drug discovery and development, big data, digital biomarkers, Real World Data and trial design, to advanced imaging, companion digital health, cognitive behavioral therapy and connected health, to neuromodulation and V.R., the pace of innovation is unprecedented.


Paradigms are changing, and the potential for positive impact on patient outcomes and quality of life, improved delivery of care, healthcare expenditure, and societal benefit are enormous.

The Neuro, Digital & A.I. Innovation Summit is organized by Broadreach Global and Hosted by the Champalimaud Foundation, with Partners the European Brain Council (EBC), and the support of our Global Innovation Partners and other key stakeholder organizations.


The launch edition in 2022 delivered  a unique, meaningful and high-impact initiative unlike other events. Join us in 2023.



We are honored to introduce our advisory board: meet them in person at the summit.

Joe Paton

Joe Paton

Director of Neuroscience & Principal Investigator, Champalimaud Foundation

Ana Maicques

Ana Maicques

CEO & Co-Founder, Neuroelectrics

Paulo Machado

Paulo Machado

CEO/Founder - Health Innovation Partners, Angel - What if Ventures, Mentor - Amazon Web Services Healthcare Accelerator, Mentor - Texas Medical Center Innovation

Pawel Swieboda

Pawel Swieboda

Director General - Human Brain Project, and CEO - EBRAINS

Harris Eyre MD PhD

Harris Eyre MD PhD

Brain Capital Builder, Lead - Brain Capital Alliance, Co lead - OECD Neuroscience-inspired Policy Initiative, Fellow - The Baker Institute for Public Policy, Senior Fellow - Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute

Shwen Gwee

Shwen Gwee

Digital Health & Corporate Innovation Executive, ex BMS Global Head of Digital Strategy, ex-Novartis BIOME & Open Innovation co-founder

Mark Treherne

Mark Treherne

Chairperson, Monument Therapeutics

Naomi Glover

Naomi Glover

Co-Founder/Director, Applied Neuroscience Association

Fred Destrebecq

Fred Destrebecq

Executive Director, European Brain Council (EBF)

Advisory Commitee


Proudly presenting leading speakers from across the sector
Joachim Scholpp

Joachim Scholpp, Global Head Translational Medicine, CNS, Retinal Health & Emerging Areas, Boehringer Ingelheim

Pawel Swieboda

Pawel Swieboda, Director General - Human Brain Project, and CEO - EBRAINS

Ana Maicques

Ana Maicques, CEO & Co-Founder, Neuroelectrics

Beth Wolff

Beth Wolff, Director Digital Health Solutions, BD&L Search & Assessment, Lundbeck A/S

Karl Hess

Karl Hess, Managing Director, Outcome Capital

Pamela Tanaerts

Pamela Tenaerts, Chief Scientific Officer, Medable (to be confirmed)

Nick Taptiklis

Nick Taptiklis, Head of Technology Strategy, Cambridge Cognition (to be confirmed)

Mark Treherne

Chairperson, Monument Therapeutics

John Krakauer

John Krakauer, Professor of Neurology, Neuroscience, and Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Shwen Gwee

Shwen Gwee, Digital Health & Corporate Innovation Executive, ex BMS Global Head of Digital Strategy, ex-Novartis BIOME & Open Innovation co-founder

Vreni Schoenenberger

Vreni Schoenenberger, Global Franchise Head, External Affairs /Partnership Strategy, Novartis (to be confirmed)

JP Borges

J.P. Borges Managing Partner, JP Borges Abogados, Co-Founder Exputnik Accelerator

Maneesh Juneja

Maneesh Juneja, Digital Health Futurist (to be confirmed)

Christian J. Suojanen

Christian J. Suojanen, CEO - Broadreach Global, Member of the Executive Board - European Brain Foundation



Two days of sustained, interactive discussion, networking and partnering with:

Female Presenter

Industry Executives


Founders & CEOs

Key Opinion Leaders

From startup and growth companies at the confluence of  neuroscience and mental health with digital, medtech, imaging, technology, data and A.I.

Senior industry executives from pharma, digital health, technology & health providers & systems. Heads of therapeutic area, R&D, real world data, clinical development, digital health, scouting, business development & licensing.

In CNS, neuroscience and mental health, data, health tech, digital health, A.I. and deeptech.

VC and corporate venture, private equity, family offices, angels & HNW. 

Key Opinion Leaders from all stakeholder groups at the confluence of neurosciences & mental health with digital, technology, data and A.I.

Country Flags

Government & NGOs

Public agencies, societies, associations & NGOs in brain health, neurology, neurosciences, psychiatry & mental health, patient organizations, economic development, health, research & innovation.

Image by Mayukh Karmakar

Leading Advisors

A selected group of leading specialized advisors and consultants with deep subject matter expertise relevant to participants. 



Detailed program coming soon.
Topics and themes include: 

Calling neuroscience, mental health, technology, data, digital health and A.I.  innovation-leaders, decision-makers & KOLs, from all stakeholder groups; join in an open format, high-engagement, silo-bridging, cross industry, multi-disciplinary summit of interactive discussions on rising to both the challenges and the opportunities in brain health innovation:
  • The scope of the problem & unmet medical need
    • Dementia & neurodegeneration​
    • Neuromuscular disorders
    • Rare diseases
    • Traumatic & non-traumatic brain injury
    • Mental health
    • Neurodiversity
    • Health equity
  • Data, Technology & A.I. in precision medicine & drug development 
  • Digital twins
  • Real World Data & distributed, technology clinical trials
  • Digital biomarkers, surrogate & clinical end points
  • Digital delivery of care & C.B.T.
  • Advanced imaging
  • Monitoring, early detection & diagnosis
  • Wearables, sensors & connected health
  • Digital health​
    • Gamification​
    • Digital tools, medicines & therapeutics
  • Companion digital health or alternative (digital)  care journey 
  • Virtual reality
  • Neurostimulation
  • Deep brain implants & machine brain interface
Tackling issues and challenges including:
What treatment paradigms and business models hold real promise?
Where are the real challenges?
What is needed to define the way forward?
Regulatory & I.P. issues
Pricing & reimbursement
The startup journey, path to market & recurring pitfalls.
Health system compatibility.
Proof of Concept to workflow integration & first use case.
Market entry & penetration.
Partnering, licensing & collaboration.
Getting to scale.


Champalimaud Foundation

Av. Brasília, 1400-038

Lisbon, Portugal

The Champalimaud Foundation carries out research in cutting-edge fields and strives to stimulate discoveries that benefit people, and to promote new standards of knowledge.

It is at the Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown, in Lisbon, that the Foundation develops its activity in the areas of neuroscience and cancer. This is done through both research programmes and the provision of clinical services of excellence. It also has an outreach programme to fight blindness.

To pursue its objectives in achieving significant scientific advances, the Champalimaud Foundation adopts a translational methodology, which establishes a direct link and interdependency between basic research and clinical activity. This is a fundamental part of the Foundation’s methodology.

Ultimately, the Champalimaud Foundation aims to promote the health and well-being of humankind by seeking to actively participate in the search for solutions that can alleviate the burden of disease on societies and individuals.




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