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Broadreach Global launched in 2019 to deliver a new approach to accelerate insight, access and engagement to enable and accelerate innovation that leaves the world a better place. 



Founder - Christian J. Suojanen

Christian brings 25 years international and operational advisory experience in strategy, business development, and access to finance for technology transfer, start-ups, industry and investors in the biotech, digital health, medtech, healthtech, health and pharmaceutical sectors.

He has seen firsthand that world-class innovation can arise anywhere, and what is most often missing is the expertise and networks needed to ensure that the true potential of that innovation is realized. 


Along with his day to day work with biotech companies, industry and funds, Christian has for two past two decades consistently supported innovation stakeholders in the bio, pharma and health sectors; delivering the first pan-European level biotech investment conference series (with EASDAQ, now Euronext), the first Biotech sector CEO academy at top MBA schools, advising EU level industry associations for biotech, pharma, and venture capital, and advising the EC and national governments, health systems and universities on innovation strategy, technology transfer and business creation. He has provided training and strategic engagement with finance and industry to over 3,000 innovation stakeholders, primarily representatives of start-ups and technology transfer, Licensing and innovation offices, across 5 continents.

Broadreach Global access - International Advisory Boards

Broadreach's strategy is to assess the needs of each challenge and then activate customized teams and advisory boards from our unique network of leading experts worldwide to effectively achieve the objectives. The composition of these teams and boards is customized in line with the requirements and objectives of the client, and will include relevant experts and KOLs. In most cases the AB members are key partners with whom the principals at Broadreach have worked with for a decade or longer. 

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