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We believe in the power of innovation. Our purpose is to enable and accelerate innovation that leaves the world a better place.

Our  focus is breakthrough technologies to benefit human health. Identifying world-class innovation and connecting researchers, entrepreneurs and CEOs with the expertise, investors and strategic partners needed to complete the value chain and translate science and engineering into meaningful impact and successful growth companies.

The potential of most innovation is never realized. We understand the risk, effort, and perseverance necessary for transformational innovation.   

Over the past two decades  we have actively cultivated a unique, curated global network of innovation providers and key stakeholders, accelerating innovation, business creation, access to finance, and partnering. We believe in and actively foster engagement and collaboration globally, across the development value chain, including research, technology transfer, start-up and early through late-stage companies across the biotech and health sectors.

Pieces of jigsaw puzzle and global netwo

Confluence Innovation - Bio Health

Community & Partnering Initiative

An Innovation Community & Partnering Initiative designed to transform & accelerate global innovation partnering.  

A unique community of key leaders from the entire bio-health innovation value chain, globally.

Curated & by invitation, an integrated  business & innovation network, partnering platform & events series for Bio Health Innovation leaders, KOLs & decision-makers.


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Access, insight, information and expertise are fundamental to success -  our experience, global network, and access to industry, finance and expertise accelerates innovation, growth, value creation and impact.



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