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Call for Action

- Addressing Dementia in Africa - 

Davos Alzheimer’s Collaborative - DAC
& Broadreach Global

- Call for Action –

Culture and language independent cognitive assessment tool for Africa.

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Broadreach Global is pleased to join the Davos Alzheimer’s Collaboration (DAC) in announcing their groundbreaking initiative and call to action for addressing dementia & brain health in Africa, starting with a multi-year collaborative program in Kenya.

This represents a unique and transformational opportunity for high potential, innovative startups and growth companies to demonstrate the value and potential of their innovative tools and approaches towards dementia  prevention, diagnosis and care in close partnership with healthcare systems and local communities in one the emerging drivers of growth in the world.

Please join us for the full announcement, an interactive discussion of the initiative and its objectives, requirements, and the application process. This will be an opportunity for startups and growth companies to serve as innovation partners in this and other DAC initiatives.


Join us for a live webinar with Q&A

DATE: Monday 10 July

TIME: 10:00AM - 12:30PM EDT New York - Boston / 15:00 - 17:30 UTC London / 16:00 - 18:30 CEST Paris-Brussels 


Hosted by Christian J. Suojanen, Founder & CEO of Broadreach Global, this interactive webinar will feature two key representatives from the Davos Alzheimer’s Collaborative:

  • Vaibhav Narayan, Executive Vice President, Head of Strategy and Innovation

  • Irene Meier, Director, Program Strategy & Operations

  • Representatives of DAC’s global partners

Vaibhav and Irene will present and discuss the initiative, introduce the 3 projects, explain the application and selection process, and answer your questions.

Mark your calendars and share with your relevant portfolio companies, startups, peers, and colleagues! This is a unique opportunity to make a difference and concretely demonstrate the value of your innovation in real world settings.

We will present and discuss the following projects from a multi-year, multi-stakeholder program in Kenya:

  • Project 1) Ethnographic study, understanding attitudes, perceptions and knowledge of dementia

. Identifying barriers to clinical trial participation and treatment implementation.  


  • Project 2) local validation study: cognitive & functional assessments & biomarkers tested in

individuals with dementia at AKU hospital, Nairobi


  • Project 3) Real-world evaluation of cognitive impairment and dementia in a rural cohort (n=100,000i



For project 2 (and expansion into project 3), we are looking for innovation partners (vendors) with language & culture agnostic tools to assess cognitive decline. These may be specific to Alzheimer’s disease, but it is not a requirement.


  • Validate selected technologies and assessments in the local population (hence the need to be language & culture agnostic)

  • Connect them to local healthcare system for patient follow up & continued care

  • Provide an opportunity for intervention & measure effectiveness of the intervention



▪ Scientific validation

▪ Clinical evidence
▪ Use cases / publications
▪ Language - & culture independent

▪ Methods of deploying the tool
▪ Current use (countries, settings, etc.)
▪ Expansion plans from urban validation setting to rural community setting

Data collection requirements (Wi-Fi, quiet room, etc.)
▪ Data storage (short & long-term)
▪ Data security & privacy aspects
▪ Compliance (plans) with different local regulations
▪ Timelines for implementation (from initial contact to data collection)

Interested to Apply?
Submit your proposal summary here
- short
PDF or PPT decks only, maximum 5 slides.
Please review all details above before submitting.

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A Davos Alzheimer's Collaborative - DAC and Broadreach Global initiative

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