19 - 20 May 2022

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Insight - Access - Engagement
Innovation & Partnering in Bio-Manufacturing

Driving meaningful innovation, impact and value creation in Bio-Manufacturing and ensuring resilient, adaptable supply chains, efficient re-shoring, on-shoring and technology transfer to meet demand and accelerate the development and production of essential novel therapeutics and vaccines, in the US and globally.
The Bio-Manufacturing Summit and partnering forum is co-organized by Broadreach Global and Host Partners Rutgers University, with support from NIIMBL - the National Institute for Innovation in Manufacturing Biopharmaceuticals, and our Global Innovation Partners MBHB LLC, Patent Docs, Mazards, and the BiotechGate Partnering Platform.
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What solutions can technology transfer from the world-leading institutions and most innovative private companies provide? Which partners can provide the expertise to move these innovations to the market? How can industry and private companies reduce costs and accelerate their own programs? How to re-shore on on-shore rapidly and efficiently? What are the intellectual property and regulatory considerations? Engage with leading Bio-Manufacturing Innovators, select technology transfer projects, leading start-ups and growth companies, government, Investors, Industry, and leading innovation stakeholders and KOLs.


  • Hear from KOLs and leading experts.

  • See innovative technologies and company presentations.

  • Understand the strategic interests of key government agencies

  • Connect with leading investors

  • Engage with industry KOLs and decision-makers

  • Meet directly with key potential partners via the BiotechGate partnering platform and in-person meetings.


The one summit which brings together all key stakeholder groups in bio-manufacturing, matching transformational technologies and pioneering companies from around the world with KOL insight and the key industry and investors.

Watch for Weekly Speaker Updates!


Rutgers University Busch Campus Center
Bartholomew Road 604
PiscatawayNew Jersey
United States
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Addressing Key issues including:


  • Ensuring stable, resilient supply chains,

  • Ensuring sufficient supply of innovative medicines and vaccines?

  • How to efficiently re-shore production

  • On-shoring for the first time and rapidly building capacity.

  • Transformational new technologies, 

  •  Technology leapfrogging with innovative technologies and turn-key solutions?

  • Breakthrough innovations in continuous manufacturing of API, end to end production of liquid products, continuous production of biologicals, from peptides to mRNA.

  • Technology and Partnering interests of pharma and industry.

  • Investor interests & opportunities.

  • Working with regulators to enable re-shoring via advanced manufacturing?

  • IP issues with regard to protecting and driving innovation, and ensuring global access?

  • The best models for transferring knowledge and know-how.

  • Effective workforce development for scale up.

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